Friday, March 18, 2011

Yes, You Can... But, Will You?

Inspiration. I've been called that recently, and yes, I admit... it's made me feel good, but in reality I am far from it. I still have so much more to do, to accomplish, to prove... to myself and to every single person out there who has failed to look beyond a person's disabilty. I've met them. They are out there, they exist and I feel so sorry for them. It used to be anger, but now it is pity.

I'm doing more than I ever thought I could do. I am opening doors for myself that have already been opened for me through others who didn't settle for "no, we can't accomodate you", "no, you can't do this", or the stares, the mumblings... these people are slowly starting to realize that "no" is not going to work for me... unless I am the one saying it to myself.

I want to show my daughter that her mommy can do things... her mommy is strong, not only physically, but spiritually. Her mommy CAN and WILL.

So, am I inspiring? I really do not think so. But if you do and it is getting you off the couch and getting healthy... I will gladly take that title.

But, you want to know inspiring?

THIS is inspiring...

Team Hoyt

Click on the link above and meet what true inspiration is. Meet two men of integrity, men who opened the doors for all of us who are "disabled", men who made us realize...

Yes, we can...

The question is...

Will you?


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