Monday, March 7, 2011

Just Doing It

It started off as a "wow, that is so awesome... I wish I could do that." A dream. People with disabilities that were still competing simply amazed me. I admired them. I respected them. I wished to be them. But, I never thought I could. It was simply- a dream.

Jessica, my sister-in-law, has accomplished several half marathons, a couple of triathalons and even a FULL marathon (amazing). She was the one who truly inspired me and was the greatest motivator in getting me to strive towards making my dream become reality.

So, my journey began. First I needed to get a handcycle. Thankfully, Michael Bird, existed. He researched and found the perfect handcycle for me. It was a first for him and I was so blessed to have him take this on. Finally, towards the end of January, I got my handcycle. I was ecstatic. I loved it!

It made me happy to know I was a step closer to reaching my dream of someday participating in a marathon, but the best thing about it was... riding with my daughter. I was actually able to hop on a "bike" and go on a bike ride with Jayda. And nothing has come close to that feeling. Nothing.

It quickly became addicting. I craved the rides. I loved the feeling of being able to take a "stroll" around the neighborhood. I loved the challenge of our "uphill" streets. I simply was in love with my new "ability".

I was "supposed" to start off with a 5K... uh, yeah... sure. Allow me to share a little about myself... I am strong-willed and stubborn. Enough said. I was all signed up for the 5K and thought... this is too easy... this needs to be challenging... I need to feel some burn... so, after about a month... a half-marathon it is. Yep... stubborn I tell you. VERY stubborn.

THEN... the organizers for the marathon questioned the handcycle... almost didn't let me participate... uhm, You know that stubborness I mentioned? Yeah... now I was DETERMINED to do it AND FINISH it. If nothing else but to PROVE to them I could. ;-)So I did.

I wanted it. I dreamt it. I did it. No excuses.

So, what is next? I am hoping to complete a couple more half-marathons and improve my time on them.

BUT, my ultimate goal is what this blog is all about... I am wheeling to Disney. I am GOING to do the Walt Disney World FULL Marathon in 2012. Imagine, making a dream come true at the most magical place on earth... it can't get any MORE special than that!

I am so thankful that Jessica and a friend are going to join me and help me make my dream come true!

I am excited!!

I am blogging about it because I know if I put it out there... I NEED to do it. Accountability.

So enjoy my journey as I wheel my way to Disney!


katie t said...

WAY TO GO!!!!! that is AWESOME and i LOVE your bike!!!! where did you get it? wow....

Myra Hough said...

Thank you! I got my bike through a mobility place here. Any training tips to share?

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